Spirit Olympic Incline Bench sp-4210

Rp39.800.000 Rp25.870.000


.Adjustable seat and multiple take-off points for confident positioning
.Integrated spottersʼ platform with non-slip coating
.Foot bar helps lower body stabilization during heavy lifts

PRODUCT DIMENSION 2065x1720x1355mm/81”x68”x53”
MAX. USER WEIGHT 180kg/396lbs
PRODUCT WEIGHT 116kg/255lbs

CARTON A 1260x470x220mm/50”x19”x9”
CARTON B 1740x670x435mm/69”x26”x17”
CARTON C 1430x95x350mm/56”x4”x14”
CARTON D 600x500x435mm/24”x20”x17”

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